Friday February 23rd 2018

Buried In Leather



  • Genre
    • hardcore/punk
  • Members
    • Seager Tennis – bass
    • Chris – drums
    • Seth – Guitar
    • Niff – Guitar
    • Keith – Vocals
  • Hometown
    • Boston
  • Record Label
    • Teenage Heart
  • About
    • Rock N Roll from Boston
  • Biography
    • Formed in Allston in 2004, after several line-up changes the band played their first show sometime in 2006 and the line-up has stayed the same since, with the 5 members growing into friends more than band mates who just happen to have the same musical desire – to keep the pedal to the floor and rock the fuck out.With most of the band also playing in other acts such as For The Worse, By The Throat, Give Up! & Mellow Bravo, Buried In Leather may not play often but when they do, they make it count. If you see them live, their no holds barred attitude and desire to decimate all who stand before them quickly becomes apparent.The Debut face melter “We Are Gone” was released in 2007 on the Teenage Heart Records imprint. As of 2010 the Leather is back, writing new songs and playing out again. Split 7″ vinyl release with The Tenafly Vipers coming March, 2011. Plans to record a follow up full length are in the works.
  • Current Location
    • Boston
  • Influences
    • Motorhead, Maiden, DRI, Misfits, Jerry’s Kids, AC/DC
  • Band Interests
    • Yuengling
  • Websites

standalone playerQuantcast


  • Thrash & roll quintet Buried in Leather take no prisoners on We Are Gone, as they rip through eight songs in 20 minutes flat. “Beautiful Scars” was handcrafted by a human motorcycle, and the runaway stomp of “Cold” makes you want to call the cops. The eponymous track is clearly their theme song, however—a dual-fueled Frankenstein’s monster in which you can practically hear the amps sweating. The next show is Saturday at Church. Throw yourself into the pit: “Guns up! Let’s do this …”  – Boston Groupie News has the song Buried In Leather ranked as 3 on their Top Ten Songs: “A little bit of a fun mess just like they are live. Some Danzig in the vocals.”  – Weekly Dig
  • BURIED IN LEATHER We Are Gone 8-song CD: “I must say I just plain dig this band. They play no-frills hardcore/ rock, and I suspect they’re a ton o’ fun to see live. They remind me a lot of Every Time I Die. My favorite song of theirs is “No Ninjas”—it’s a got a great guitar line. “Beautiful Scars” is really fun and catchy too. Other than that, the rest of the songs all sound kind of the same, but that’s typical in this particular genre—the style just doesn’t allow for much variation. Regardless, if you like fast, fun hardcore, rock, or punk, this is definitely a band you should check out. – The Noise
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