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D.R.I. – “Crossover”


D.R.I. – “Crossover”


Today’s dual texting is about one of those bands that were influential in creating the whole crossover of genres that invented new forms of music like “Thrash.” Much like in the late fifties when black rhythm and blues joined forces with white country music to form rock’n’roll, certain styles of punk hooked up with certain styles of metal music, in the eighties and beyond, to give life to new music that was certainly good.

And D.R.I. which does not stand for ‘Dainty Renaissance inspired Igloos” but does stand for “Dirty Rotten Imbeciles” and their album “Crossover” will be the subject of a dual text review today by those revered and renowned raconteurs, loved by some, despised and feared by many others- Slimedog & Andy Bang.

Do not attempt this dual texting in your home entertainment center as most of its trappings have long been banned by the Geneva Conventions. But do sit back and relax, let your mind float like a lily-pad on a limp pool of green-blue water while a frog belches obscenities into your ears as we once again bravely face the wicked, wanton world known as dual texting.


Slimedog- As you know, I’ve been a fan of D.R.I. for a long time.

Andy- Hmm, somehow I don’t believe you.

Slimedog- Actually, I listened to them for the first time last night. How did you discover them?

Andy- I’ve known about D.R.I. for awhile, but hadn’t really examined their body of work. So I decided to do a deep dive and was very pleasantly surprised.

Slimedog- Yeah good stuff. I had no idea stuff like this existed in 87.

Andy- They started out as a hardcore punk band back in 82 from Houston, Texas. A very good hardcore band at that. As they progressed, they started infusing metal into their tunes and became pioneers of a new genre at the time, i.e. a crossover artist more akin to thrashcore. The album we’re talking about today is their third aptly titled “Crossover.”

Slimedog- What’s the first song we’re discussing?

Andy- Might as well start with the first tune on the album, “The Five Year Plan.” It starts with an awesome dissonant metal riff and chant of “You win, I loose.” Then all hell breaks loose in the middle as it speeds to hardcore velocity. Until it finally ends with the chant reversing to, “I win, you loose.”

Slimedog- Sick guitar solo too, kind of reminds me of James Williamson if he played jazz and it doesn’t slow down after that! Favorite song on the album.

Andy- The thing I really enjoy about these guys is even though they added metal to their tunes they still predominately play at hardcore speeds with hardcore attitude. Take the next song for instance, “Tear It Down,” is pretty much hardcore from start to finish.

Slimedog- But the drummer is very busy and playing in a weird time signature. This song is like progressive jazz played as hardcore.

Andy- Yah, the drumming is totally sick. I fear he may spontaneously combust at any minute. Amazing.

Slimedog- “Hooked” is the next tune, this is the album’s most unrelenting song, I think.

Andy- Yah, it starts out with a few metal riffs and then straight into crazy speed. The other amazing thing about the drummer is how he manages to still jam in rolls.

Slimedog- Sometimes he reminds me of a good progressive rock drummer sitting in with Minor Threat, which sounds horrible but really works.

Andy- True. The next tune, “No Religion,” is my favorite on the album. It’s got a bit of everything. Great guitar, awesome bass, the usual crazy drumming, hardcore attitude, demonic metal riffs and speed changes.

Slimedog- Great song. Now, the last one you chose is “Fun And Games,” which in my notes say, “A cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Devo,” but I may have been drunk at the time.

Andy- Hmm, that analogy is pretty messed up, but could result in Wall Of Voodoo. Yes, another cool tune. It starts with an interesting riff that appears to devour itself as the tune speeds up. Maybe the fastest drumming of all the tunes.

Slimedog- Yeah, it has a blistering beginning and I thought it was gonna be an instrumental, because the vocals take so long to come in. There’s a part where you can just picture the pit exploding, but that happens several times in these songs.

Andy- Yah, I think every song was written with moshing in mind. Truly a great album from a great band. And as far as I know they still play out every year.

Slimedog- Yeah, I agree. Excellent choice this time and I hope to match it in our next meeting, with an album in a similar vein- Crosby, Stills & Nash’s “If You Thought The Last One Was Dull And Boring, Wait Until You Get A Whiff Of This.”

Andy- Can’t wait. I gotta go finish my lasagna.

Slimedog- Save me a slice

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