Sunday January 21st 2018

Damn Broads!



  • Genre
    • Punk
  • Members
    • Riley Reject – Vox
    • Crazines – Guitar
    • Michelle Threat Bass
    • TayToxic – Drums
  • Hometown
    • Winsted, CT
  • About
  • Biography
    • The broads formed in May 2010 after meeting through an ad posted on Craigslist. By August they were playing shows (with their debut at Snapper Magee’s in Torrington) and by the end of the year they had released their first demo (The Damn Demo.) They are a punk band that happens to consist of all girls but don’t let their gender fool you – they are NOT a girl band. And don’t even think of asking if they’re a riot grrl band. Because they’re not.

      The broads have a unique sound. They’re influenced by punk rock, street punk, ska, oi and alcohol lots of alcohol. They’ve been compared to The Pist and the Vomit Punx. They thought that was pretty cool. They were telling peple for weeks… not like people cared, but they told ’em.

      In April 2011, the band released their second demo (Politics and Lady Parts.) Over the course of the one year they’ve been together the band has gotten progressively faster, harder and better. Just ask the people who have been following the broads from the start. They know.

      Damn Broads! have played with a million (give or take 999,900-ish or so) bands since that first show back in August 2010, from underground acts such as More Beer Please, M13, Cry Havoc, Midnight Saints, The Provokers, Cozi Come, Common Enemy, The Abductors, Absum, Dead Aces, Society High, Oiltanker, The Spins, The Nones, Stressbomb, Javier & Los Dish Dogs, The Prozacs (and soooo many more amazing bands) to more mainstream bands including Murphy’s Law, The Misfits, Reagan Youth and The Casualties.


  • Current Location
    • Boston, MA
  • Likes
    • Worm, Heavy Breath, C.N.E.U. Rock Radio, The Mahlors, Pogo Magazine, Sligo Wrechords, Big D and the Kids Table, Dewey’s Pub, The Connecticut Underground, Spent Flesh, Moshiach Oi, Pussy Collector, WHUS Radio 91.7 FM, Gimmie Crack (kbm page), Standard Issue Punk Rock Zine, Mercenary Management, Sounds Asylum, Big Audio Dynamite, Discharge, House of Hardcore, The LIST Radio (new), Rodent Popsicle Records, Opposition Rising, the damn dirty apes, Blackheart Records Group, Epitaph Records, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Authority Zero, Skarhead, Decay After Death, Neutron Rats, New Red Scare, The Chase Bastards, The Furiousity, Flogging Molly, Tosh.0, Arizona Iced Tea, Fuck “pay to play”, fuck selling tickets and fuck “battle of the bands”, Taxi Driver, Tattoo acceptence in the workplace, Club Hell, Popeye’s Pub, Tough Luck, Yesterday’s Heroes, Creepin Cadavers, Eyes of the Dead, Misanthropic Noise, Make Do And Mend, Nation of Thieves, Das Hate, Flesh Hammer, GMF God’s Middle Finger, gimme crack, Absum, Nothing To Prove, 100 Demons, Shop Shogun, Punk Rock!, Skinflint Music, I Scream Records, Bridge Nine Records, Everybody Hates Me, The GrindHouse, Can you shut the fuck up and let me talk? Thank You, Scotty O’Boyles Cafe, Manny’s Marauders, Gloominous Doom, Midway Cafe, Punk Outlaw, SVETLANAS, Bank st cafe, The Organ Thieves, WALK PROUD, Corrosion Of Conformity, Two Fisted Law, Hessian Lion, Westside Infection, Bloodshot Hooligans, The Webster, Sailor’s Grave Records, Rebel Sound Records, The Business, BYO Records, Thorp Records, Old Shoe Records, Gimp Guy Underground, Killed By meth Records, Descendents, Punk You Records, The Unseen, Jonee Earthquake Band, Rebel Rose Presents, Brown Bag Propaganda, PATAC Records, Red Line Rebels, The Bloody Muffs, AMERICAN HARDCORE, Dropkick Murphys, Birds Out Records / Radio, Crack Rock Records, USA Waste, MADBALL, H8 INC. DETROIT HARDCORE, Stigma, BlacknBlue Productions, The Adicts, Stiff Little Fingers, INFA RIOT, Big Cheese Magazine, Cock Sparrer, Street Dogs, KRUM BUMS, Oi! The Print, 70’s and 80’s Punk, MAD TOURBOOKING, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, Lars Frederiksen, GBH (official), OI, LOWER CLASS BRATS, The Anti Nowhere League, Beavis and Butt-Head, Loud Youth, All In Booking, Teenage Heart Records, cafe nine, Youth Brigade, Combat Crisis, The Misfits, Roger Miret and the Disasters, NYHC Tattoos, Captain Oi, The Abductors, Free Beer!, Cozi Come, 16 Hundred Pound Pig, The Black Tie Operation, The Krays, SubSystem, Y69, The Nones, Dischord Records, Record Store Day, Manic Productions, Cro-Mags, Brazen Betties, Armageddon Shop Boston, Redscroll Records, Disaster Strikes, Product Of Waste, Get Young Records, The Theatre Zombies, BlastForMe, C*NT SPARRER, Vomit Punx, Breakout! Buttons, Brass City Boss Sounds, FightBack Productions Long Island, Deadlocked Productions, Valentine’s Music Club and Beer Joint, D.I.Y. Supporting Venues for bands booking tours, Armageddon Shop, On The Rag Zine, The Bouncing Souls, Hellcat Records, Stressbomb, Blood For Blood, Machete Mfg (Official), Oi! the Boat Records, Nekromantix, Devil’s Brigade, Hellcat Records, The Old Firm Casuals, Tiger Army, Rancid, Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, Murphy’s Law, Zero Climax, The Spins, The Dead Tricks, Reptar, YouTube, Sublime, Agnostic Front, Elm Bar, Trashed Radio, The Deacons, Retching Red, jonee earthquake band, Kermit’s Finger, Wilted Rose Records and Distro (message for mailorder information), Safety Meeting Records, Overdose On Records, Justified Religious Slaughter, Hijinx, Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion, The McGunks, The Prozacs, Bust It!, sadplant, M-13, PLAY IT FASTER, Street punk, Refuse Resist, Tough Luck CT, Juicehead, Drawback, Bad Religion, Oiltanker, The Big Strong Men, The Jukebox Romantics, The Casualties, The Buzzcocks, New York Dolls, Total Chaos, Operation Ivy, Midnight Saints, The Distillers, More Beer Please, Insufficient Evidence, Minor Threat, Common Enemy, Leftöver Crack, The Pist, Copyright Chaos, Misfits, The Whitney House, Riot Radio, The Ramones, Bad Brains, Dead Aces, The Adicts, The Clash, Mike Ness, NOFX, The Havnotz, Patti Smith, Johnny Cash, Punk rock, *Black Flag*, Joan Jett, NYC Punk, Punk Island
  • Websites

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  • “… the kind of group you want to see win… Damn Broads! are punk to the core.” – The Hartford Advocate
  • “… we are pretty much enamored with their image and their enthusiasm, and we’re impressed to see that they’re already lining up shows throughout the state…” – CT Scenic
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