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Damn Broads – “Looks Do Kill”


Damn Broads – “Looks Do Kill”


When Thrash N Bang was conceived, by immaculate conception, about six years ago by Andy and myself- my favorite band soon became Damn Broads from Connecticut.

I can’t say for sure if they’re still my favorite. All I know is their recorded work has continued to get better while my medical condition- known as too much booze on the loose in the brain, or as they say in Australia, “too many kangaroos loose in his top paddock,” (actual phrase) has deteriorated.

They are an all-girl hardcore/punk/Oi band and I think my best description of them was “the female version of Minor Threat.”

But I was talking to Alissa today at the Refuse Resist show, (review on-line now), and she divulged that the band didn’t much like the tag “girl group.”

I understand, but as I told Alissa, who was visiting with another one of Connecticut’s best bands, Cry Havoc- (Hey, Jonny, the singer, was wearing a Damn Broads t-shirt today), I feel that girl group music of the sixties is the most underrated genre there is.

And I feel girls play music better than boys because it’s tougher, still, for them to be involved in heavier music. And because of that, they have to kick down more doors than the boys do. And because of that, they have more desire and dedication, passion and discipline than the boys. In other words- they want it more.

So I love this band and I’d be shocked if I didn’t like their new recording. But what did shock me was how much they’ve grown.

They still contain the spirit, the drive and the feeling of their original work, but now it’s moved a step forward. So yeah, I was seriously surprised and amazed.

But then guys are kind of dense, that way:

“Car Bar” starts with a sample of an old commercial for PBR, probably recorded while America was still great.(Note: in current political usage great is synonymous with hate.) The vocals shout out in a kind of machine gun fire, almost rap delivery. And much like Sly & The Family Stone, lead vocals lines are traded throughout, the band until joining together in one powerhouse slam of a chorus. “It’s everybody’s favorite local pub. At the car bar. The fuckin’ car bar.” Excellent production, fierce intense playing, in your fuckin’ face vocals- intoxicating, rejuvenating, exciting, explosive and raw…at the fuckin’ car bar.

“King Of The Scene” starts with a Ramones like lick that soon erupts into hardcore velocity. This song is a put down of scenesters with a case of ego-itis. They insert a brief version of “God Save The Queen,” by upcoming emo-indi band The Sex Pistols- changed to “God Save The King.” “There is no future and New England’s dreaming.” This song has the venom, the power, the realness of that song and the lyrics that should be the punk credo, “We don’t want to change, we don’t want to fit in.”

“Never Grow Up,” could be my theme song and it could also be a recipe for fun! “We’re involved with the wrong crowd, and the music that we play is far too loud.” All true and true that this is a great song.

“No Fucks Given,” seems to be a popular line now. The lead vocal asks, “Are you afraid?” and the chorus of voices scream, “No Fucks Given.” This song is one churnin’, burnin’ blast of disgust at the patriarchal power’s that be- that need to and will be destroyed. In the meantime this slab of volume, venom and velocity slams into your very core.

After a headlong, hardcore thrust- “Root Of All Evil,” pulls up the reigns in the chorus that only causes the intensity to increase. “Only the rich can truly succeed…money is the root of all evil.” This song truly exceeds as it rocks out towards the end before accelerating into an emotion-fueled collision of energy and spite that accelerates us into a space of pure sonic bliss.

“Suburbia” is a lyrical onslaught against the “nice communities” that are ripe with “racism, homophobia and lies.” “Just keep it quiet, you got your reputation to protect.” But no reason to hide how poignant, true and kick ass this song is.

“We Don’t Do Notes”, starts with a great bassline and a few, stray discordant surf notes. “Are you in a band? Oh, cool. What do you play?” This leads to a chorus of “We don’t do notes, never have or never will…we wouldn’t even if we could.” Notes are okay but what is even better is ideas and emotions which is what this band plays, which is far more important than music. And why I feel they’re so great to have a song like this on their album.

I guess here is where I wrap it up nicely.

And maybe focus on the music that is great- that incorporates the best of punk, hardcore…throw some Oi and rap in there, and some riot grrl, too.

But what about the words?

Let’s break it down simple- the negation of all and everyone who doesn’t fit in with what their visual identity is, (looks do kill) or their gender identity is- that doesn’t fit in with what “society expects of them,”- ’cause I’m pretty sure, everyone who reads these words, more or less fits this description- is reflected here.

And guess what, I’m heterosexual but I’ve decided to come out as a submissive male. (Ha, ha- it’s not a joke.) I don’t fit in, either.

But I feel you wouldn’t be reading this if society hadn’t rejected you in some way- and this album and their music shows this.

This album contains a lot of passion, a lot of anger, a lot of truth. Punk is about being an individual and believing in yourself and standing up for what is right, and not accepting what is wrong. Being true to yourself and, this is the part I missed- being true of who you are to others.

And I believe-

You all are the best. You all- are the truth. You are the lovers of passion, wildness and fun- freedom and truth.

And never stop believing that. I know, that I never will stop believing in you, because you embody all that is punk.

Now, join me for a drink, a toast at the car bar.

The fuckin’ car bar.

I’m buying.


Damn Broads – “Looks Do Kill”
Damn Broads



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