Sunday January 21st 2018

Down Low N.Y.H.C.



  • Genre
    • hardcore/punk
  • Members
    • Matt the Rat aka Jewdrix – Vocals
    • Joe V aka Bon Joe V – Guitars, Vocals
    • Joey Downlow aka Joey Pink – Bass, Vocals
    • Jason “Herb Destroyer”  Maddrick aka The Vaginamaster – Drums
  • Record Label
    • Wanna Buy A Bike Records
  • Hometown
    • NY
  • Biography
    • Down Low is a New York City Hardcore band formed in 1994 by the infamous “Joey Down Low” in the Lower East Side of New York City. The band has consistently played this traditional form of hardcore throughout their existence, despite the trend towards nu-metal. They recorded their first self titled demo in 94, after a lot of gigging and writing, In 96 they released split 7” with Against the Grain and recorded for several CD compilations throughout ‘95 ta ‘98, including Another Planet Records “Creepy Crawl Live” & ” Bad Taste – The Brotherhood of Antigood”. In 1998 Downlow returned to the studio to record the Wall of Anger CD/EP with the production help of Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Coldfront) which was released on Eyeball Records. Later that year Downlow released “All My Life” on a NYHC compilation CD for Triple Crown Records, Free Spirit Records released the bands second 7”, “Slipping From Reality”. In late 1998 the band temporarily disbanded because of personal family issues and legal difficulties. Joe V. and Raeph toured with Cause for Alarm, M.M. Fury continued with his other band Disassociate, Paul and Raeph later joined Kill Your Idols. In 2000 United Riot Records released “Streets of America” which Down Low covered Reagan Youths’ “U.S.A.” The current “Drink Smoke Fight Fuck” was released April 2010 by V Wreckidds, the cd spans the bands 16 year history with 27 tracks including the long awaited release of “The Pressure” a live set from CBGB and The Right Track Inn ending with a very raw copy of the 1st demo. Curently the band is doing shows in support of the new release. ..Downlow is Herbsama Bongladen, BOng Joe Vee, Joey Crackbike and Jason “BC” Vaginamaster .. Downlow continues to play hi-power, fast and intense old school hardcore music for people to enjoy and experience the way it was meant to be. For booking or any info send us a message!!
  • Influences
    • 80’S Hardcore
  • Websites

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