Sunday November 19th 2017

Firehouse 13


Firehouse 13
41 Central Street
Providence, RI 02907
phone: 401.270.1801

Firehouse 13 is a beautiful historic building, built in 1856. Stop by for a tour! Just give a call and remember to ring the bell when you get here.

Firehouse 13 is a forward thinking urban project appealing to experimental Artists and creative innovators. Established in an old firehouse, FH13 has residential and commercial space available connecting artists, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs.


  • Where is Firehouse 13? – Firehouse 13 is located in the Southwest side of Providence. We can be found directly behind the Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds on Broad Street.
  • How do I contact Firehouse 13? – Call at (401) 2701801 Honestly we are better at email  –
  • What is Firehouse 13? – Firehouse 13 is a live music venue.
  • Is Firehouse 13 in a scary neighborhood? – No, but we are in an urban environment. We love it!
  • Does Firehouse 13 serve booze? – We serve beer & wine and of course good times. We only serve beer & wine to those with proper identification or an AARP card
  • Is Firehouse 13 All Ages? – Most of the time, if we have an age restriction for a certain show it will be posted on the ticket link. All of our staff is TIPs certified and trained to request & check identification.
  • What kind of music does Firehouse 13 present? – Every kind of music and performance.
  • Does Firehouse 13 have a box office? – Yes, my friends you no longer need credit to buy advance tickets for shows  at Firehouse 13.  The cash accepting box office is located at Fete. Fete is located at 103 Dike Street in Historic Olneyville. Just click below for a map. Link to map
  • Can I rent Firehouse 13 for private parties? – Firehouse 13 is available for rentals of all kinds. It is 2000 sq.feet, and has a professional sound system plus a bar that sells beer and wine. Go to our Info page to get started.
  • Where do I park? – We have  loads of on the street parking. Please do not park in the parking lot next to the building – its for residents & employees only. And do not park in Mcdonald’s or Dunkin Donuts parking lots, you run the risk of being towed.
  • How do I get a show at Firehouse 13? – Email a music sample and info about your band to
  • Who works at Firehouse 13 and what do they do? – A whole bunch of cool people, doing a whole bunch of cool stuff.


  • Firehouse 13 is located on the same street as Jones’ Storage Warehouse near the Broad Street and Elmwood Avenue split.
  • From downtown: Take WEYBOSSET ST. across I-95. WEYBOSSET ST. becomes BROAD ST. At the 2nd light turn RIGHT onto PEARL ST. Take the first LEFT onto CENTRAL ST. Firehouse 13 is in the middle of the block.
  • From the North: Take I-95 Southbound To the ATWELLS AVE. exit- EXIT 21. Stay STRAIGHT on SERVICE RD. No 7. Turn RIGHT onto BROAD ST. at Crossroads RI (4th light). At the 2nd light turn RIGHT onto PEARL ST. Take the first LEFT onto CENTRAL ST. Firehouse 13 is in the middle of the block.
  • From the South: Take I-95 N. Take BROADWAY EXIT 21. Turn LEFT onto BROADWAY. Go over the highway and make an immediate LEFT onto SERVICE RD. NO 7. Turn RIGHT onto BROAD ST at Crossroads RI (2nd light). Turn RIGHT onto PEARL ST. Take the first LEFT onto CENTRAL ST. Firehouse 13 is in the middle of the block.


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