Thursday February 22nd 2018

Geno’s Rock Club

525 Congress St, Portland, ME 

Geno’s Rules and Information for bands that have a gig booked at Geno’s Rock Club!!!!!

Congratulations on your gig at Geno’s! We are looking forward to your set. Here is some information about your gig that you may find useful.

The club will send out a press release about all shows to all local outlets, so please send us your press releases and we will them and include them in our weekly mailings. We will post about your gig on our Facebook page and promote the shit out of you online but we need you to do your part as well! Of course its always important to SEND FLYERS or drop them off at the club. Don’t be lazy and send them a couple of days before the show. We would like them at least 2 full weeks before your gig. Mail to Geno’s PO Box 4055, Portland, Maine 04101 or drop off at the club at 625 Congress St. Portland, Maine after 5pm (do not mail to this address, we will not get them!) We will hang your flyers in the club and if so desired around town (but you must do the same). The more people you bring in, the more likely you will have a returning gig. Also, If you need someone to design a flyer for you please message us and we can give you the names of some local designers who make flyers for bands for a cheap rate! We have a pretty extensive promo and press list for you so just please let us know if you would like us to forward it to you. BE PROACTIVE IN YOUR PROMOTION! YOU WANT PEEPS AT THE GIG RIGHT? SO DO WE!

We have space to park your vehicles behind the venue. Only two cars in the back lot per band…all other vehicles can be parked else where. We have very limited space in the back lot. You must access the back parking lot from Deering Place (there is no entrance at 625 Congress to our back lot) If you are on Congress St. go down High St. (it is a one-way street and you can only go north). Take your first left onto Deering St. then your first left onto Deering Place. Drive to the back of the lot. You will see the back of Geno’s. Park directly BEHIND Geno’s. After parking please make check in with Geno’s staff to make sure that you are parked in the correct place and let them know which vehicles are yours. This will help avoid you vehicle accidentally being towed.

Load in time is anytime between 5pm and 8pm. (if you cannot make it during this time please let the Booking Agent know).All loading in and out can be done thru the back doors. However, NO LOADING IN OR OUT CAN BE DONE THRU THE BACK DURING ANY BAND’S SET. You will be asked to stop by Geno’s staff if doing so. If you need to load out during a band’s set it must be done thru the front doors. All gear MUST be placed in the following places….on stage, behind the stage, or under the stage. You can also place cases and equipment on the far left or right wall at least 10ft. from the front of the stage (approximately on the first riser). If you are the first band of the night you may load directly onto the stage. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK EITHER EXIT IN ANYWAY. Your gear may be moved by Geno’s staff if it is not in the proper areas. Please ask staff if unsure.

Upon entering the club, please appoint and identify a spokesperson/contact person for your band. This will be the person that Geno’s staff will talk to about concerns and also PAY! So please make sure this person is made known to Geno’s staff. Also, everyone in the band will have to show identification and proof of their age. We allow performers under 21 to play at Geno’s… however, they must be marked accordingly. FAILURE TO IDENTIFY UNDERAGE BAND MEMBERS WILL GET YOU KICKED OUT OF GENO’S FOREVER AND WE DON’T WANT THAT! Geno’s security,door person’s or bartender will ask for your ID’s , so be prepared.

Most bands choose to set their merchandise table in the front atrium of the club. We usually have a large table for your use. If you are in need of an additional table please let us know. If you choose to have a merch table in the main club area, keep in mind that the lighting is very limited and you may want to bring your own small lights to draw attention to your merch. Geno’s does not take a cut from your merchandise sales.

Usually you will know your set time before your gig. Please stick to the schedule set by the Booking Agent (or the soundperson). We like to keep on schedule as much as possible. Please be respectful of the time allotment for your set. We want to make sure that everyone has enough time to play and set up. We do encourage gear sharing between bands. We do NOT provide a backline of instruments. (Unless it is some special event and it is organized ahead of time). We give 15 minutes between sets to for the last band to break down and the next to set up. A short sound check will be done right before your set.

We are a bar that enjoys original music. We like to support musicians that play their own brand of music and are not looking to listen to cover songs. There is also alot of yellow tape involved in “cover songs” that we as a bar do not want to have to deal with. PLEASE ONLY INCLUDE ORIGINAL SONGS IN YOUR SET! Thank you for respecting this.

It is not allowed in the state of Maine to drink alcoholic beverages on stage….please make a note of this and remember! We do not want our bar staff to have to be watching to make sure you are taking this LAW seriously. Drink up before and after your set.

Each band is allowed 1 guest per band member. If a band has more guests then the door charge for each additional guest will be taken from that bands pay at the end of the night.

Geno’s Rock Club625 Congress st.Portland, Maine 04101
phone -207-221-23829

from the Southfrom 95N take 295 towards Portlandtake the Forest Ave (South) exitat end of exit take a Rightthen your first Rightthis will take you past Deering Oaks Parkgo thru set of lights (cross st. is Park St.)take a left onto Deering St. (if you reach the light at Congress you have gone to far)Take a Rt onto Deering Place (this will bring you to the back of Geno’s)Park Directly in back of building far building at the end of drivewayFrom the Northfrom 295 takeForest Ave South Exit and follow above directions

Mon – Sun: 5:00 pm-1:00 am




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