Thursday February 22nd 2018

Jason Bennett & The Resistance – “Heavy Weather”


Jason Bennett & The Resistance – “Heavy Weather”


Jason Bennett and The Resistance have been around for a while, going back to 2010, at least, and he has always turned in some fine music falling into the pop/punk style. And that music has seemed to be influenced by some of the best eighties music of that period- to my ears, Elvis Costello and The Clash. And he mentions a folk influence but that is probably not of the wimpy John Denver style but more the Woody Guthrie/Bob Dylan influence.

But in the last year or two, he has added the rhythm section from the the sadly demised, The Radicals, who before their untimely death, were one of the better hardcore/pop/punk bands we covered, sporting an excellent songwriter in Aria Rad who also played bass.

Well, here he’s playing bass along with his rhythm section partner, drummer Matt Trainor. And though I’d be amiss without mentioning the fine, lead guitar work of Jeff Swann- I think the adding of this rhythm section is what made this band what it is today, what turned it up a notch.

And what that is- is one kick ass, gritty, passionate, pop punkin’ band, and a portrayer of some perfectly, ecstasy producing sounds.

“No Good Advice” comes blasting out with a barrage of solid drum hits coupled with slicing guitar notes and chords that are set up like a one-two punch uppercut, to knock your ears right off the side of your head. Once the ringing chords come in, along with the emotive singing- it’s all to lead us onto the glorious pre-chorus with melodic background vocals soaring above. When the chorus does finally arrive, it’s straight forward and driving and admits, “I got no good advice.” After a great bridge what follows, is a slow build-up that explodes in a coda that sets the hair on my arms up. I have some really, good advice- listen to this truly, great song, what I think is the best on the album, as much as you can.

“Heavy Weather” is a song with a heavy feeling over it. “No matter how much we’ve been through…Tough gets tough. We get tougher.” This is a slow song that builds in intensity. “We were built for heavy weather/ You can put it all on me…I’ll get us through/ No matter what.” An elegant and restrained lead guitar, arises at times. “Don’t be worried/ Don’t be afraid…I’m not afraid of anything or anyone.” And after the clouds clear what’s left, is a perfectly, powerful, poignant song.

With some sputtering, strutting guitar and a sliding up bass note to lead us on, “All Of Us,” explodes with a breakneck energy and some crunching, guitar chords. This is a driving, driven tune full of political, social commentary and passionate, expressive singing and playing. And when an awesome guitar solo comes slicing through to maximum effect- Well, that’s just the cherry on top.

After a 1-2-3-4, and a guitar lick that ends with a couple of chords, throttled with a pounding drum beat, is the way “Never Going Home,” starts off, an upbeat new wave sounding thrashing rhythm propels the verse along until the title words come in and the intro plays again. The drums push as hard as it can against the beat and soon a great guitar solo pops in. This song is a rollickin’, rockin’ romp of energy, passion and fun.

So what you have- if you can make out lyrics better than me, is a lot of political commentary, social conscious lyrics wrapped around some pretty potent, passionate, pop/punk.

Maybe you’ll hear touches of Springsteen or Petty in these grooves- but if you do, I guarantee you- it’s those writers at their best.

For this album, I’ll stick with what I previously said- about it being like the best music of the eighties. Where music was fighting against a status quo- a status quo in the music industry and in politics, as well.

And though I feel that the music has won, critically at least. As a nationally known critic pointed out recently- that if you’re doing some kind of rock music, nowadays, and the influence of punk can not be placed upon it, then what your playing is irrelevant in the present and I agree.

And politically, I see us getting there. (Though this weeks news says I couldn’t be more wrong.)

But politically and musically, I think- it’s just a matter of time.

Here’s some music to listen to, while you sit and wait.


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