Sunday January 21st 2018

Jess Punk’s Art Show


Jess Punk’s Art Show
Middle East Nightclub, Cambridge, MA


So some of you may be familiar with Jess Punk. She’s the classy dame you might know or have seen at punk and hardcore shows around Boston. She’s always in a dress and very stylish looking and wearing heels- I’m guessing she doesn’t even own sneakers or jeans.

What you may not know is that Jess has a serious interest in painting. And her art has been reviewed on TNB before. Once she was part of a show at Dave Tree’s great SweeTree Gallery in Watertown.

And now she has her own one woman show at The Middle East Club in Cambridge. In the dining room above the Middle East Down venue. The opening day of her show was the same day that Off! played downstairs.

About a dozen of her paintings are on display and only two were ones I had seen before. Two of my favorites are a part of this review.

We did a short interrogation, I mean, interview with Jess. Here it is:


Slimedog- When did you first start painting?

Jess- I’ve been painting for almost ten years. One day I was looking at the art of my grandfather’s friend and I just fell in love with it the longer I looked at it. From then on I decided I, too, would love to paint!

Slimedog- Who was your biggest inspiration?

Jess- I have two- my mother who is an amazing artist and always encouraged my creativity and my grandfather who was a painter and had a great influence on my decision to paint.

Slimedog- Any favorite famous artists that you like?

Jess- I am a great fan of Diebenhorn and Kline. Their boldness really resonated with me!

Slimedog- I was unfamiliar with Diebenhorn but see the influence and Franz Kline is great. He does these huge black and white abstracts that are very imposing. His paintings are more like sculptures to me. How would you describe your style?

Jess- I consider myself a figural abstract artist.

Slimedog- One last important question. If one of us were to become a serial killer- who do you think it would be Slimedog or Andy?

Jess- I think BOTH Slimedog and Andy would work in cahoots with each other…and then blog about it!They wouldn’t last long, it would be a short series of serial killing because they would get caught via posts on social media!


While we may be afraid that Jess gave away too much information about our new upcoming project we do encourage you to check out her show if in the Central Square area, especially if you’re going to a show there, say The Cro-Mags/ Anti-Nowhere League Sunday night. The art show goes on until June 27 which happens to be the day of a Cheech/Reason To Fight show so be sure to check it out- it’s really cool art.

To see her brand new page please go to

And to contact her write to

And if anyone wants to do art show reviews, especially you Mass Art cats and kittens, please do so and send them into Please don’t let this duty fall in the lap of the the disheveled and disingenuous Slimedog again!




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