Wednesday September 20th 2017

Massakre / Swarm Of Eyes / Arctic Horror / Oxblood Forge / Choose Your Power


Massakre / Swarm Of Eyes / Arctic Horror / Oxblood Forge / Choose Your Power
Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA          8/5/17


This is a metal Midway matinee madness show and the reason I’m so stoked is that my favorite couple is here with me!- that would be Ryann and Sam and they are both girls and they both love each other and I love both of them to death!

And not only do I support their lifestyle but I believe them to be, the most fun, partyin’ folks I know. And that’s saying something as my life has been nothing but the celebration of life and love and having fun and being who you are.

So let the drinks flow, let the decibels grow and let us commence with the commencin’!

Choose Your Power is the first band and, unfortunately, I’m a bit late and catch the tail end- I’m coming from a Mike Pence lecture, “How The Devil Puts Evil Thoughts In Our Genitals But Thank God Our Minds Are Blank.” I do ask the gals how they liked them and they were very positive. Plus, I recognize the drummer from some good local metal band. I choose with my power to say, they played an awesome, opening set. And that I trust, Mike Penis, I mean, Mike Pense will direct my penis in spiritual erectness- upwards, towards the heavens.

Oxblood Forge, is a Black Sabbath (devil) influenced traditional metal band whose vocalist uses a style that mixes traditional with death. I don’t have enough hair but I’m vainly, trying to headbang along to their grooving set.

But lowering my pants, I notice, I seem to have quite the overgrowth of pubic hair which I proceed to swing back and forth and madly about. Which also, forces me to apologize, several times, to attendees for getting hair in their drinks.

The band plays hard rock/metal which I feel might not be cutting edge enough for Editor-In-Chief, Andy Bang. But for me they play music, one can easily discern, but is also, powerful, worthy and true. They are a band I’ve seen live, several times now, and one I always enjoy.

Arctic Horror is next with their brutal, barrage- their boisterous, bombardment of sound.

This band mixes doom with grindcore, slashing rhythms with abrasive guitars along with strong, full-throttle death/hardcore vocals emitting apolcalyptic lyrics.

Greg, their vocalist, has been known to Andy and I as one of the best singers of this style. And the band creates an unrelenting, heavy emotion, heavy hitting, heavy metal pulverizing sound and today sounds like another passionate promise of the same.

They mention their bass player is moving out of the area, hopefully they’ll find a replacement and continue, and I urge any able bassist to check them out for it would be a great loss if this band ceases to be around. They play an awesome, mesmerizing set today.

Swarm Of Eyes is a band that Andy and I became aware of, quite a few years back now. In fact, this lineup has been intact for the last four years.

I’d describe them as traditional metal mixed with thrash and death vocals but more precisely, I’d say this is powerful, potent metal music at it’s best headbangin’ self.

Randy, is an awesome front man and like Greg, one of the best metal singers we know. And Jeff, the bassist, I consider one of the best local players I’ve seen. And after being a band for awhile they’ve grown into being one of the tightest bands I see.

They do a cover of “Skull” by The Misfits that to my ears, blows the original away. As great as Arctic Horror just played, I’m gonna have to give the best set prize to these guys, probably the best metal set I’ve heard all year.

Massakre is the last band to play and the first thing I notice- besides that I’m drunk and Ryann and Sam are starting a mosh-pit getting the crowd going- is that this band shares the same talented drummer, Jeff, from Arctic Horror.

I do some quick research and find that this is a band that has roots in Chile. (I immediately inform Dictator Donny Dunce of my revelations.)

And it seems this is a Chilean thrash metal band band that goes back to ’85, and that Yanko Tolic, who is singing and playing guitar today for this trio, was one of the original members of the band.

They do play an excellent set that mixes many styles, though, I feel my homeboys today did better. The highlight of the set, I feel, is when Greg hoists his two young boys onstage for a couple of songs and the boys are so obviously thrilled! It completes a great ending to a great show.

After the set, several of the bands hand out free cd’s to my ladies, Ryann and Sam, in appreciation for their enthusiasm.

Sometimes you can live your life truthfully, straight forwardly but there’s a part of you that no one can see, that you keep hidden. Part of the reason is because you’re private, which is okay, but part of it is because you fear the consequences and maybe, a bit ashamed of who you really are.

Today a part of me was released, it was exciting, but more so- it was a relief, like a heavy burden lifted from one shoulders.

A peaceful feeling entered my being and I felt my soul sail free…

But that’s all I have to say about that.

This was a great show with great bands.

And that’s all I have to add.


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