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  • Genre
    • metal
  • Members
    • Brian Connor- guitars
    • Andrew Doherty- guitars
    • Benny Grotto- drums
    • Joe Grotto- basses
    • Kenny Irwin- vocals
  • Hometown
    • Boston, MA
  • Record Label
    • Born of Fire Records
  • About
    • Winner 2010 Boston Music Award for Best Metal/Hardcore Band!
  • Biography
    • The Motherboar album is available: Online Vinyl at the Deathwish store:
      The CD and Vinyl are available at Armageddon Shop Boston in Harvard Sq. and in Providence. The CD (most stores) and Vinyl (at Newbury Street, Harvard Square, Faneuil Hall and Norwood) are available at Newbury Comics. All Digital Retailers You ever wonder what the inner turmoil of Bigfoot would sound like if he got really pissed off and decided to start a mountain man tribal fight club? If so then look no further than Boston’s Motherboar for the answer and the sound you’re looking for. This is aggressive music in its rawest form yet Motherboar is made up of such great players the music is still nuanced and layered. The band’s newest album The Beast Becomes The Servant is one of the most powerful records I’ve heard in a long time. Crushingly heavy with weird guitar games being played and a rhythm section that you could use to kill a puma, Motherboar aren’t happy just being a heavy band they need to inject real weight into what they do. The songs push down on your body like a massive boulder, driving you to want to burn shit down until the record ends. Live nothing comes close to Motherboar’s mammoth freight train performance. Frontman Kenny Irwin smashes across the stage like an animal unleashed. To be honest the entire band play as if it was for their very lives. Extreme music is so bogged down with gimmicks and scenes right now that it’s nice to hear a band smash through all that and just play because they have to. There’s a quiet and lethal desperation to what Motherboar do and it helps to produce some of the best extreme music out there right now. -Iann Robinson
  • Current Location
    • Boston, MA
  • General Manager
    • Zack Wells:
  • Booking Agent
    • Zack Wells:
  • Press Contact
    • Zack Wells:
  • Influences
    • Listen and decide for yourself
  • Band Interests
    • BBQ, Beer, Seagram’s 7, Jeager, and your girlfriend
  • Likes
    • Only Living Witness, Bloodcow, The Sword, Cocked N’ Loaded. Boston Phoenix, Death Ray Vision, Orange Amplifiers, Gibson Guitar, Emperor Custom Cabinets, GOZU, Razors in the Night, Born of Fire Records, Prosthetic Records, Metal Wreckage, Phantom Glue, NEMECIDE, Mellow Bravo, Goes Cube, The Empire Shall Fall, Razormaze
  • Websites

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