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  • Genre
    • Metal
  • Members
    • Hräsvelg – Vocals
    • Amorok – Guitar
    • Czarnobóg – Bass
    • Draak – Guitar
    • Diablo – Drums
  • Hometown
    • Boston, MA
  • About
    • frostbitten black filth
  • Biography
    • Rising from the pits of Boston, MA in 2009, NACHZEHRER plays raw black metal combined with black thrash speed and aggression. In 2010 they put out the four song demo “Black Thrash Ritual” as a limited tape release on Massachusetts-based label Reaper’s Grave, followed up by the 2011 EP “Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows” as a split-label release on Demons Gate Records/Tombs in the Valley Productions from the UK. They have shared the stage with Destroyer 666, Enthroned, Evoken, Nocturnal, Midnight, Impiety, Abazagorath, Absu, Inquisition, Horna and many more, unleashing a chaotic assault of blasphemic devastation with each live ritual! To contact the band, email:
  • Current Location
    • Boston, MA
  • Press Contact
  • Influences
    • Nifelheim, Behexen, Azaghal, Horna, Gorgoroth, Ragnarok, Urgehal, Tormentor, Gospel of the Horns, Arckanum, Urn, Destroyer 666
  • Websites

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  • “This is a band that fans of rotting raw undead blackened thrash will be keen to hear!” –
  • “…I was VERY excited when this demo dropped through my letterbox, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. This debut aural attack features 4 songs of VICIOUS black/thrash nastiness” = Kat Shevil – Terrorizer Magazine (Band of the Week)
  • “Brutal, visceral, brilliantly composed, and wrapped in glimpses of melody that are soon struck down by the shear cataclysmic overtone the album displays so vigilantly.” – Dan McGarry –
  • “[Nachzehrer] delivers some pure evil, fast, rotten and flesh decaying Black Metal.. like a fuckin horde of panzers made out of rotten corpses, crushing skulls as they march in a field of perdition. Judging by the pics of their live shows (and these guys are unstoppable) i can tell this band delivers one hell of a ball, so if you get them playing in your city, be sure to don’t miss them live.” – †HAXAN† –
  • “A goddamned headbanger! Nachzehrer play black metal mixed with thrash. Think D666 but more straightforward. Leather Jackets, bullet belts, cheap whiskey by the handle.” – Attila The Hun blog
  • “Ripping through their songs, the black-thrash four piece was loud, intense, technically impressive, violent, and completely devoid of theatrics. No corpse paint, no candles for ambiance, no props, just a band whipping through their set with precision, sans bullshit.” -Robert Dornenburg – Allston Pudding
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