Thursday February 22nd 2018

Pint Killers – “The Dirty Dozen”


Pint Killers – “The Dirty Dozen”


When I first received Pint Killers “Demo” last January- my first reaction was it was too rough around the edges to review. This was not the bands fault- hell, at the time it was just a singer and guitarist trying to fill it all in with drums and bass. And it was just a demo not a recording release.

I felt like telling them that maybe they should “hang on” and wait to give me something at a later time.

But then I listened again to the songs and I thought- “Oh my- there’s some terrific songs here, some really great stuff.” And all thought about technical standards went out the window as I realized what I really had, was a batch of wonderful songs by an excellent new band in it’s forming stages. And not only did they turn out to be my favorite new band of last year but got a song chosen in my Top 15 for the year, as well.

The songwriting is a combination of Mark Doherty and Bill Jolliemore, two fellows who are not new to the game but here the quality of the songwriting is so good, I believe it’s the best they’ve both accomplished.

The words are so concise and right in the writing, I’d call it “perfect words placed in perfect time” and the music writing is not afraid to pull out classic rock moves that wouldn’t be out of place in mainstream bands but mixed with punk and hardcore influences too, so you have the best of all worlds, a wide spectrum of sounds to extract from and enjoy.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this album. I believe it’s long overdue. The demo songs are here along with some new. Was it worth the wait? Let me give it a listen before we discuss this:

“Raise a glass to the friends we’ve lost. Raise your glass to the times we had. Raise your glass to the times to come.” “Raise A Glass” is a rip-roaring, powerful punk song laced with hardcore energy much like a Black Flag/hardcore classic. And it is both celebratory and lamentable at the same time. Faster with more surging power, this song exceeds even the greatness of the first recording, that was picked in my Top 15 songs of 2017. “We’ll be together in the end, my friend.” If heaven is as good as this song, than count me in.

“Bounce” bounces in with four chords and a perfect, early English punk vibe. This song would’ve been one of the best songs a band like Stiff Little Fingers or The Undertones ever wrote. With a snarling, passionate verse answered with an Oi like multi-vocal chorus of- “It’s only Thursday and I’m getting thirsty. Thought is was Friday all day.” This song barrels along with a Johnny Thunders like bending double note solo slicing in. My favorite song of the new ones and I just want to ask, “Is it too soon to nominate it as one of the Top 15 of this year?”

“Who” starts with some crashing power chords much like a song by The Who or maybe, AC/DC. But once the vocals come in we speed up to an almost hardcore romp about the privileged in life and how they seem to have it all and “party every night, destroy everything in sight.” But in the end, in the chorus- a Johnny Lydon “pointing a finger” like exclamation is spat out of “But you, you’ve got nothing.” And how apt is that? Meaning- you have the money and the world by the balls but you have no real passion, no real excitement, no real love or hate, no real pain of happiness just a false façade of all the fake promises- fame and fortune make. And that’s why the rich and successful often have nothing of worth while we in the gutter have priceless songs such as this.

“Walk Away” begins with some start and stutter power chords that makes me think I’ve wandered into A Bachman Turner Overdrive song by mistake. “I really hate to see you go, but I really like to see you walk away.” And maybe, you pick up on the slightly, sexist joke of watching some gal’s ass go by- or maybe, like me, you hate to see a long relationship, burn out and end but you breathe a sigh of relief when it does. “I think about the times we had. Some were good, some were bad. Then it hits me- all we had is gone! All we got left is just this song.” But songs as good as this are worth the pain.

“No better friend, no worst enemy. Weekend wariors, we’re thick as theives.” “Lights Out” got my pick as best song on the Demo when I reviewed it, last year. Here, it’s fallen down a few notches but is a still a great, rockin’ passionate song.

“No Blood No Foul,” – “You stand up, you get knocked down. No blood, no foul.” Four churning, burning chords set the night on fire along with a great melodic/punk vocal that’s rushed along with a surging, hardcore rhythm. Another great new tune full of energy, excitement and emotion.

So now that I’ve listened I’ve decided it was well worth the wait. It’ll be out soon, so I guess I should wait on all of your evaluations.

But on second thought- screw that!

There’s no doubt to me that this is a great album, with some really, great stuff- Hey! There’s everything from Irish punk and hardcore, Oi and melodic punk, classic rock on here- all creating an individual and more than worthy style.

So, as far as I’m concerned- there’s no further discussion on my part.

And some people will tell you- you have nothing. But if you’re reading these words and hearing this album, than you’re a glutton if you want anything more than this-

This is a great album. A great fuckin’ album.

This case is closed!


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