Monday July 24th 2017

Quiggs / Duck & Cover / Diablogato / Loser’s Circle


Punk Potpourri Part Two
Quiggs / Duck & Cover / Diablogato / Loser’s Circle
O’Briens Pub, Allston, MA          6/17/17


Loser’s Circle is up first tonight and in the last, six months or so, have elevated to become one of the best live bands I see. As Blowfish, from Boston Groupie News, put it so eloquently, “Wow, I’ve always referred to these guys as ex-Refuse Resist, but not any more. They’ve really come into their own!”

And I agree, and I believe a big reason being the addition of Matt on drums who used to fuel The Radicals, and now fuels Jason Bennett & The Resistance, as well. But I notice most of the songs are new to me tonight and these songs are another reason why they now sound so great.

They have a record release party, early August at the Midway Cafe, a place I’m unfamiliar with, but I’m hoping when this review hits the news stands- our review of their new album will be with it, as well.

But they do sound great, tonight and that has nothing to do with the fact that I fear that Jaime, their gargantuan bassist/singer would tear me, limb from limb, if I said anything different.

Duck & Cover are up next, a band that, basically, grew out of The Acrobrats and is led by Chris Brat.

They play punk’n’roll meaning- melodic punk mixed with garage rock spit and fire.

Chris’s snotty, petulant voice, (think of a high-pitched Stiv Bators), though always melodic, also has a bit of bite and snarl to it. And the band plays that gritty, garage tinged punk that was the prominent style of the late seventies/eighties Rat band sounds.

I think of all the young bands I hear now- Duck & Cover encapsulates that early Boston punk sound more than anyone, and plays it better than anyone else, too.

Standouts of their set to me are, “How Low Can You Go,” and the passionately, desperate, “Anything You Want Me To.” Another great set.

Diablogato is next and the only band playing tonight I haven’t seen before. I know their name must translate to something like “Devil Cat” and I think that’s pretty cool. And I know that Jesse Meyer is their excellent drummer who’s played with Shake The Faith, The Pug Uglies and countless other, quality Boston bands.

And now, I know they play a roots style type of music, with lots of rock’n’roll, country, blues and rockabilly influences that all fall under the term of “Americana.”

They have a solid frontman, a great bassist, also (who spends most of the set standing or perched atop his big upright bass.) A terrific guitarist and the secret weapon is some wonderful baritone sax provided by Kim.

They start with a bluesy vamp but are soon carousing the nightlife with a high energy, rock’n’roll, rockin’ tune. A lot of the songs have that influence or a country style and though, they’re not the type of music that TNB normally covers, it’s one that I, personally enjoy. And I feel these “Devil Cats” do a magnificent job of playing it.

Quiggs is up to take us out. This is the eight band I’ve seen today, after witnessing the potent lineup at The Midway, earlier today. So far, everyone’s been grand so I hope they’re up to reach the high standards set before them.

Quiggs is led by Ian Clarke, on guitar and vocals, and Swid on bass and vocals and they play a high-energy, hard hitting punk that would never be confused with some lame, tame pop outfit- just speeding up their songs. Swid, also plays guitar in one of Boston’s best metal bands, Panzer Bastard, whose heavy influence of Motorhead is no secret there.

So their take of- no pretense, take no prisoners, pulverizing punk is prevalent here tonight.

Swid plays a type of lead bass, locking in with the drummer, Greely and Sabado Dominguez, provides guitar on loan from Taxi Driver.

They proceed to stomp and romp over our eardrums, that are soon begging for mercy, while our brains scream out, “more, more, more.”

Wonderful end to the night, wonderful end to the day. I just think we need some new recorded material from these cats.

I gave a ride here to Nick tonight, he’s the leader of Fast Times. He showed me a closer parking area, tonight, a lot closer from where I usually park. It makes a difference if I’m still gonna be coming here.

I saw a slew of great dames here tonight, Amy and Alyse and Chrissy and CJ. And now, my day is done, my potpourri of punk has been devoured, and digested.

But far from being quenched I seek more. I’m salivating right now of the thought of what next weekend will bring.


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