Thursday February 22nd 2018

Soul Remnants



  • Genre
    • Metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Black Metal
  • Members
    • Tom-Guitars
    • Ryan-Bass
    • Colin-Drums
    • Mitchell-Vox
  • Hometown
    • Littleton, MA
  • Record Label
    • Soul Remnants
  • Biography
    • Hailing from Massachusetts, Soul Remnants was formed by guitarist Thomas Preziosi who aimed to combine the raw intensity of American death metal with Scandinavian black metal. The band has undergone several personnel changes since their inception in 2003, but guitarist Thomas, and vocalist Mitchell Fletcher have remained at the core of the act since the release of the first demo recording, “Live Chopwork.”(2007) As its name implies, this demo featured 4 live songs recorded at the band’s Littleton, Ma studio. A second demo surfaced in 2008, with slightly more polished production. After the recording of the second demo, Soul Remnants was at a turning point. The full length album was on schedule to be recorded, but former members Thomas Vieira and Anthony Preziosi were no longer in the band and the future was unclear. Tom Preziosi was able to recruit Brett Jean into the ranks on drums, and the recording of debut album, Plague of the Universe began in the summer of 2009. Produced by Peter Rutcho (Armory, Revocation, Frozen) at his Damage Studios, the band blazed through the recording in a little over a month. The result of several years of songwriting and hard work, Plague of the Universe was self released on December 11th, 2009. “Note to all the veteran death metal acts struggling to find the energy of their classic releases: this is how it’s done.” “The band is capable to combine its Death Metal roots with a skilful handling of the instruments and I�m sure acts like Pestilence and Death are some of the biggest influences. E.g. the title track is a demonstration of the brilliant song writing qualities – sometimes epic, sometimes pure shredding and even a few Black Metal ingredients. Very nice! I guess that�s what Soul Remnants is all about: composing varied tracks without stepping into hectic and deadhearted fretboard gymnastics. Fans of technical Death Metal as well as open minded people shouldn�t hesitate to give this band a try.” “These bros aren’t rank amateurs; they know how to write songs, understand the importance of hooks amid the chaos of numbing percussion and swirling riffs, and they keep the whole album tight. Not to mention occasionally adding some spice to the bloody broth. A choice guitar solo here, symphonic black metal ambience there. In short, Soul Remnants aren’t in the business of making boring-as-fuck music…When others are keen on lamenting the disappointing state of the current underground scene, Soul Remnants are model citizens of the metal community. What they do is simple, but they do it well. Perfectly, even.” “Now this is more like it! If there’s a band right now who deserve to be hailed as underground gems it’s the Massachusetts quartet Soul Remnants…Assessing their skills is a waste of time, whether its Thomas Preziosi’s impeccable work as guitarist/bassist or Mitchell Fletcher’s infernal throat, it’s flying colors for these necro-fueled wackos. If only there were more bands like Soul Remnants the world would have a much livelier metal scene.” After the release of the debut album, Ryan Murphy (bass) and Dave Sluss (guitar) came on board to perform the live shows in support of the disc. Brett Jean departed from the band in early 2010, and was replaced by Colin Conway (Frozen, Cannae, All that Remains) who had played with Thomas Preziosi in the classic New England black metal band The Year of Our Lord. 2010 had been a very promising year for Soul Remnants as the current lineup is by far the most intense, and proficient incarnation of the band on stage. The next album is currently in its early stages as songs are being refined and prepped for recording. Dave Sluss’s insane lead work, Ryan Murphy’s thick 6 string bass playing, and Colin Conway’s blazing drum skills will all be welcome additions to the Soul Remnants formula. Tentatively titled “Reanimation,” the second album seeks to out do the debut on every possible level. Production will once again be handled by Peter Rutcho.
  • Current Location
    • Littleton, MA
  • Influences
    • Cannibal Corpse, Death, Slayer
  • Websites

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