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Teenage Heart Records



  • Genres
    • Rock / Punk
  • Label
    • Teenage Heart Records
  • About
    • Teenage Heart Records began in 2001 with the plan of putting out the 4-song Doin’ Time ep from the Roachenders. Still putting out a record here and there. just google Teenage Heart Records if you want to get a crapload o this crap
  • Description
    • So you got a killer band? We wanna hear ya! There are two things we’re trying to do. The first is to find the best underground music there is. The second is to get it heard by people who will dig it, but haven’t heard it. So what’s the best music? It’s real, low-tech, high-intensity, heart-soul-and-balls, perfectly imperfect rock ‘n roll. We’ll be doing a SINGLE OF THE MONTH starting now. We’re making a zombie flick. Like us. Spread the word. Check out our newly planted website
  • Management
    • Kevin Doyle, III
  • Members
    • The Sprained Ankles, Jason Bennett & the Resistance, Bad Lieutenants, more . . .
  • Likes
    • Revilers, Dog Company, Bad Lieutenant, Chosen Ones, Local Logistics, Hi Top Fop, The Bullys, Winter Street Records, The Sprained Ankles, Galaxy Park Studios, Blood Stained Brindle, Spiral Scratch Records!, REAPER RECORDS, Jason Bennett and The Resistance
  • Websites

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  • “You’ve read reviews for the Sprained Ankles here before—the routine, “dumb punk rock” observation—but let me lay some truth on yer ass: they mix more musical styles (roots, doo wop, oi, etc) than they will ever get credit for. Further, Sprained Ankles are a fast, furious, funny, party band that completely achieves their goal. They’re also BIG—seven of ’em, including keyboards and TWO background singers! Spiritually they remind me of the Revillos (not Rezillos) and the Sic Fucks—that’s top praise! The one misstep that holds them from total perfection comes in the form of “Andre The Giant,” an ode to pro wrestlers no longer with us. The unforgivable goof? Failure to include Bruiser Brody! That’s like discussing President’s Day without mentioning Washington or Lincoln. Sure, you hear a lot about the dire shape of the American educational system… but this is fuckin’ insane! Aside from that major (to me)/minor (to you) faux pas, Sprained Ankles are far from l” – Frank Strom – The Noise


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