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The Abductors – “Eyes Of Rage”


The Abductors – “Eyes Of Rage”


The Abductors are an Oi band from Connecticut that recently headlined an awesome Oi show at the Midway. (Check out our live review, on-line when this hits the internet news stands.)

I’ve seen this band, once before, and though I liked them I described them more as a hardcore band. And for this I feel I must atone for my sins.

‘Cause their last performance and this recording sweats with Oi, and bleeds with rock’n’roll passion, and brings tears of excitement and fun. With working class dreams and frustrations in the lyrics matched with Oi/punk music in the intense, aggressive tunes.

I’ve always been aware of the connection of early punk with Oi, but I hadn’t fully appreciated that until the last couple of years. That’s when some of my favorite local bands- DestrOi, Rictus Grin, CAC- embraced it.

And this recording is a fine companion, accessory to the live show that I’ve reviewed. Full of songs fraught with passion and guts and intensity. Fraught?- Ha! Cross that word out and put “full” and let’s have us a little listen:

“Caught In A Web” begins with some stop and start hits and stutter guitar that would fit fine on a classic Cars or Pat Benatar album, but when the harsh, intense vocals meet up with the hardcore, “wooh-oh-oh” vocals, you know you’re in other territory, another time zone. This song boils over with anger and frustration, reminding me a bit of the classic local Boston band from the eighties, Bullet LaVolta. “I’m caught in a web and I’m better off dead.” This is street punk/Oi, pure and uncut and at its best. “I wish it was all in my head.” A great guitar solo explodes later. “It fills my heart with hate, it blinds my eyes with rage.” This song fills my ears with a great song that makes me glad I’m alive.

With a terrific, bass intro, “Life’s A Bitch,” (and then you die), comes charging out like a great, hardcore tune. “Fuck this town and everyone around.” This song soars and roars with punk/Oi intensity. “Fight, fight fight. Kill, kill, kill. Drink, drink, drink. Spill, spill, spill.” While it’s unclear whether it’s blood or beer that’s spilling, which I, hopefully, believe will be none- that is unless it’s the former into my mouth. A definite Beantown Boozetown vibe is inhabiting this song and that’s wonderful. “I’ll drink everything you got.” Not if I get there first. Life may certainly be a bitch but this song is truly great!

“Berserk,” bubbles up with a burbling beat and a psychedelic guitar lick. This song glides along with energetic, rock’n’roll rhythms and gruff hardcore vocals. “Sick of my job, fuck this world, I’m sick of this fucking life. But the life I live is the life I lead, don’t see any other way. So shut the fuck up and deal with it.” True and real lyrics mixed with exciting and lively music makes for a great tune.

“We work all day to drink all fucking night. American low class,” (the last three words which are the name of the song), “here to kick your ass.” This fast number slows down in the chorus to croon. “Oh-oh, American class.” This song goes on to relay a description that, I think, fits TNB perfectly. “We’re all fuckin’ drunks, we got shit to lose, fight for your fuckin’ rights, the price we will abuse.” Well, change “the price” to “our penises” and you have us pegged pretty much perfectly there. TNB may be truly, low class but this song is truly, top shelf.

“Poor Fuck,” erupts with a vocal that reminds me of the great, early L.A. punk band, Fear, specifically their song “Beef Bologna,” the vocals scream with anger and passion while a fast rock’n’roll beat moves everything quickly along. There’s some abrupt stops during the chorus, but there’s no stopping this runaway, locomotion of a song. This song may fade out with a few chuckles but this is a passionate, great ending to a great EP.

On their facebook page The Abductors merely describe themselves as punk. I’m fine with that.

I think of how, in the early eighties, after punk had commercially nosedived, the young bands getting signed then were disavowing any allegiance with punk.

“We’re new wave, we’re power pop, we’re rock- please refer to us as anything but punk!”

Nowadays, I get a lot of bands submit music to me without an ounce of punk in their music, tagging it as such. I don’t blame them. Now, that word is synonymous with integrity, with value and worth, as it should be.

And though The Abductors, to me, are clearly an Oi band with a lot of rock’n’roll in their bloodstream and a bit of hardcore in their heart- they are totally worthy to carry the mantle of punk, to use the tag of punk.

This is a great fuckin’ band, this is a great fuckin’ EP. But for me to say they really deserve the description of punk, I think-

That’s the best thing I could say.


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