Thursday December 14th 2017

TNB Best of 2011 Awards




The following is the annual Best of 2011 award presentation where a panel of twenty-seven judges, or maybe just Slimedog, give awards and generous cash prizes to the recipients. And we encourage you to add any categories or people that you feel we have overlooked.

Best Fat Old Drunk Man- Slimedog

Best Female Doorlady at the Midway- Jenn Jammies

Best haircut of a singer in a punk band whose band name references a line on the MBTA- Jay Genoa (Red Line Rebels)

Best Promoter- (tie) Ian from Brass N Ammo, Jenn Jammies, Tim and Lisa Collet, Brian (Teenage Heart)

Best Mom- (tie) Carrie Bell, Lauramom

Best Bartender Named Dave- Smilin’ Dave (Midway), Midway Dave (Midway)

Best Drunk Designated Driver of Drunks- Andy Bang

Best New Band of the Year- The F.U.’s

Best Punk Club of the Year- Midway Cafe Jamaica Plain MA

Best Metal Club of the Year- (tie) O’Briens, Great Scott Allston MA

Best World Wide Conglomerate Record Company- Teenage Heart Records

Best Cat of America- Harry

Best Cat of Finland- Edie

Best Drunk- (tie) Brian (Bad Lieutenants), Phil (Doll Eyes), Jay (Red Line Rebels), Slimedog (Thrash N Bang)

Best Jazz Guitarist- Wes Montgomery

Best German digestif- Jagermeister

Best Writer of Thrash N Bang- (tie) Andy Bang, Jimmy Thrash, Slimedog

Best Redheaded Fan of a band with Red In Its Name- Ryann

Best Insane Club Owner- Midway Dave (Midway Cafe)

Best All Girl Band- (tie) Tijuana Sweetheart, Damn Broads

Best All Boy Band- M-13

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