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  • Genre
    • Death Metal
  • Members
    • Danny Dodge – Guitar/Vocals
    • Jarett Norton – Guitar
    • Zak Baskin – Bass
    • Brian Simmons – Drums
  • Hometown
    • Boston, MA
  • Record Label
    • Unsigned
  • About
    • Totality is an unsigned Boston based Death Metal band currently recording their EP, and looking for gigs.
  • Biography
    • Founded in 2010 in Boston, MA, Totality has become an aggressive force of present day death metal. They are a 4 piece band whose priorities lie in the creation of music and the expression of sincere aggressiveness. Their hope is to lead death metal in a direction that differs from the mainstream idea of progressive metal; shaping a new path.
  • Current Location
    • Boston, MA
  • Influences
    • Meshuggah, Bloodbath, Gojira, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Hate Eternal, Aeon, Decapitated, Suffocation, Vital Remains, Slayer, Burzum, Battle Pig, Deathspell Omega, Deicide, The Faceless, Lamb of God, Nevermore, Obscura
  • Interests
    • Hate, Dieting, Bass, Salvia
  • Likes
    • Australis, Necroptic Engorgement (Music Page), Torturous Inception, Brutal Bitches Productions, Abnormality, Boarcorpse, Scalpel, Excrecor, Excrecor, Forced Asphyxiation, Aeon, Soul Remnants, Sevared Records, Titan’s Eve, Left In Ruins, 60 Grit, Naegleria, pathology, NEMECIDE, Death Metal, Sexcrement, Nefarious Realm Productions, ABACINATE, meek is murder, No Remission, Legionary, Alekhine’s Gun, The Breathing Process, PanzerBastard, Asura, Cerebral bore, Ornamentality, Meridien, The Summer Slaughter Tour, Gojira, Obsidian Tongue, PATHOGENIC, LED TO THE GRAVE, BEHEMOTH!, Acaro, Martyr, Painted in Exile, Taco Bell, Tasty Burger, Aeon, Decapitated, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nevermore, Bloodbath, Behemoth, Gojira, Cannibal Corpse, Composted, Razormaze, Meshuggah, collapse, Revocation, Scaphism, Formless
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