Sunday March 26th 2017

Punks For A Princess – 17-Song Compilation


PUNKS FOR A PRINCESS                                  (17-Song Compilation)


This CD compilation is associated with “Punks For A Princess” ( which is a charity I think some of you are familiar with. It was started by Audrey and Jason in connection with a great organization that helps out children called A Wish Come True ( Audrey and Jason are the parents of Trinity who is a little girl in need of a costly ear operation and what I last heard is they are making good progress toward the goal. So before talking about the music what is more important is what this CD is for, namely, to generate funds toward the operation. This is, obviously, for a good cause so if you see a booth at a show for them please buy this CD or a t-shirt or whatever merch they’re offering. We have lots of great bands on this site with great CD’s but I’d have to recommend you getting this before all others because of what your money will be used towards.

This CD is interesting to TNB because half the bands on it we have not seen or heard before. I discovered some new bands here, ones that I hope to see in the future.

It happens to start off with one of my favorite bands doing one of my favorite songs by them, “Sunday Matinee,” by Refuse Resist. It’s all about the old all ages hardcore Sunday afternoon shows that went on at the Channel and other places (they still go on at the Midway). Starting with a vigorous punk beat it switches to a menacing swagger before turning the heat up a notch to a hardcore crescendo. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Second tune on the CD is “The Limp” by Los Muchachos. Not a punk song, more a slower garage sound with distorted vocals; a little bit on the experimental side and I dig it muchly.

Quintessential Boston/ Providence punk band, The McGunks, donate a number. Like a Boston accent you can tell where these guys are coming from- Not Long Beach, California or Dubuque, Iowa; not Amarillo, Texas but the dirty, grimy East Coast and that’s what you get here. Gritty pop/punk with a grimy country sheen. Great tune and great lyrics.

“Blood Stained Bindle,” add a song by the same name and it sounds a lot like Bad Lieutenants but I feel it’s no fair peeking. High energy rock with a punk chaser.

One of my favorite bands, The Doll Eyes, give us “History,” about a guy “fucked by the temp agency.” Lyrics: I used to be a man/ Now, I’m not sure/ Rise up in yesterday/ Back before I was history.
A rollicking, popping, punking piece of perfection for our listening pleasure.

The Trashkillers, a band I haven’t seen, have an upbeat little ditty “Fat Man Little Dog” Lyrics: You can’t even tie your shoes/ How you gonna pick up his poo?

Usual Suspects, fall in the same category, and they deliver a strong song called, “Brick Through A Window,” with dual vocalists and a punk influenced rock sound. If all their songs are like this I definitely want to see them.

Bands we know are The Pity Whores and they turn in an energetic pop,punk one called “Gunns” that advocates an abused woman pulling the trigger (alright by me). And “Heavy Sack Beatings,” by Seven year Plan on what sounds like a live recording with its echo-y metallic sound that still sounds great either way.

The Beantown Boozehounds are a band I’m ashamed to admit not seeing. The reason I’m ashamed is ’cause I know they’re made up mostly of the old band, Zippo Raid, who were one of the funniest, fun crazy punk bands around that helped keep the outrageousness in punk. Joe Zippo broke up that band a few years back and sadly, he is no longer with us. Joe was, and is, the nicest guy I’ve met in the Boston punk scene and if you can’t agree with that statement it must only mean you never met him. Anyways, their song, “On The Road,” is one of the best on the CD. They’ve taken an old idea about a band on the road and turned it into a tuneful, well written song about passion and camaraderie. Good job, guys, I know Joe would be proud.

So, again, please contribute, buy this CD or any merch they have, bands can offer them a booth. I bought a great t-shirt, Andy a donated Refuse Resists CD, Jimmy Thrash this CD. And thanks to all who have contributed and all the bands who contributed songs. The punk community is a great one and this cause and CD is proof of it.


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