Saturday October 21st 2017

Red Line Rebels – (17-song CD)


Red Line Rebels – (17-song CD)

So you take one shot Angry Samoans, one shot of Minor Threat, one shot of Circle Jerks, add a dash of Tabasco, two cups of PBR, add a shot of The Germs, puree’ till it all becomes a golden brown, sprinkle with cinnamon, add a cup of Red Bull, one shot Jagermeister, one shot Jameson, simmer till it boils. That’s the recipe for a Red Line Rebel. Side effects include- disorientation, a superior/inferior complex, alcoholism and a predilection towards too much fun- garnish with a lime.

I think the Rebels are a mix of Angry Samoans with Minor Threat.

This is a very good idea.

When I listen to this CD I want to take a flamethrower and steal a fire engine truck and while running the siren, racing down the street, I want to shoot flames onto passing trees.

This is a very bad idea.

Now, it must be said the Rebels are my favorite band on the site. And, next to Toto and Supertramp probably my favorite band. Why is this my son, why these strange longings? You may well ask.

Well, the Rebels are a hardcore punk band that never strays from their original course. Like our fantastic pillars of society who never waver from making life as miserable and implausible as they can; this band never looses the focus of their concept.

Why do you proclaim this you decrepit, rotting, piece of festering maggot encrusted, wasted flesh? You may respectfully ask. Other punk bands, when they’re in a song, and they drop out of the punk/hardcore mode slip easily into hard rock/ metal land. And while there is nothing wrong with those musical styles I feel it detracts from where a band is coming from. When the Rebels fall out of their main style they most likely fall into fifties music/ surf land and for this I get out of my seat/casket and applaud.

The Rebels consist of Jaymz Purtle on drums, Josh Seivers on bass, Tom Buttlar on guitar and Crazy Jay Genoa on vocals. They asked me to mention T.J. Welch and Sam Jodrey for their, admit-ably, excellent production but I refuse to do so as I need to talk about the CD.

The CD starts off with “Skate To Destroy,” with it’s supersonic speed and bass and drums breakdown we’re off to a great start, they have a video of this song, as well. “Repo Man” continues the aural assault and ends with a three note guitar solo repeated over and over till the lick descends and the song suddenly implodes. “Mentally Evicted” starts with the lyric, “Think I lost my mind/ Wouldn’t be the first time” and 44 seconds later we’re into “Snot Rocket” which starts with, “One, two, fuck you.” It’s a big time tune from their live show where they use silly string to create 3-D art.

The seventh song is my second favorite on the album. I didn’t have the titles at first so this is how the song felt to me. I called it, “Satan’s Scrotum Set On Fire By Rick Santorum’s Ballsack,” and I like my title better, so there! It starts with a harmless little ska beat then turns into a destructive, decadent, double-time descent into hell, finally resolving into another bass/drums breakdown with a moderate, but aggressive part, tacked on- great tune!

“Deported To Hawaii” is my favorite song with an intro that sounds a little like “Richie Dagger’s Crime” by The Germs but more like a fifties song. After playing that a few times, a beat that’s double-time hardcore comes in while Jay moans about Hawaii, then it’s slowed down complete with drum fills and power chords ending with a reprise of the fifties/ surf intro. Totally original, awesome song.

As good as this CD is I knew it wouldn’t catch the pure fun, anarchy and enjoyment of their live show. It is nice to hear the variety in their songs as live it just seems a blur to me. Whenever I see them my brain just short circuits with a promise of a good time. I always look forward to seeing them because they seem to throw a thunderbolt through logic and I like to see it decimated in front of me. So, I highly recommend this CD but recommend more seeing them live. Real life is always better than some fabrication of it and real art exists in its own time.


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