Thursday February 22nd 2018

The Sewer Buddies – “Sewer Butts”


The Sewer Buddies – “Sewer Butts”


The Sewer Buddies are a side project of the band Whoopi Sticks, led by my punk daughter, Lindsey Loogie (at least that’s how she’s known here- her proper last name is Slimedog, of course.)

When she told me she was writing songs for children I really didn’t understand why, at first? In fact, I grounded her.

But then it was explained to me- most kids latch onto the simplest, pop crap around- be it Taylor Swift, Katy Perry- and wouldn’t it be nice if they had an alernative to that, leading them instead towards punk music?

As we know, a  lot of punk music, lyrically, is not suitable for young ears. When I was 8 years old, instead of taking me to the circus or zoo,  my parents subjected me to the live performances of G.G. Allin. And the end result on me, is quite evident to anyone who reads TNB regularily.

But these songs are funny, speak of very, youthful concerns and most importanely- punk out with energy and passion just like any good punk band does.

I’m a big proponent of having more women involved in punk, making punk more available for young folks (all-ages) and having punk shows in non-sleazy enviroments.

Because, to me, punk is music for all ages, all genders and all places. These are some of my utmost goals (that and drinking enough to way-lay a baby rhinoceros).

What’s also unique about this band is it’s a collaborative. Lindsey writes the lyrics and is the only constant participant through out.

This review actually encompasses three releases, seven songs and eight musicians all recorded this year. It also encompasses music that is filled with passion, spunk and fun.

Let’s check out this kid’s stuff:

“P.Y.O.” comes in with some slashing chords but were soon propelled into double time, almost hardcore speed in a song about picking fruit. (Pick Your Own.) “Hooray!, We’re earning what we eat! Dreams of foods that rule with fruit. Oatmeal! Yogurt! Salad! Smoothies!” I guess this is teaching the kids to eat their fruits (and vegetables) instead of the drink and drugs they’ll, eventually, be scarfing down! There’s an almost reggae like breakdown that leads back to the boisterous beginning. This is a great punk song full of fury, fruits and fun.

“At the picnic, it’s hardcore.” So starts “Hardcore Picnic.” “Bring the pickles, the best pickles, my mom made them.” Once the music kicks in we’re into a great, punkin’, rockin’ tune with trebly bashing bass. The announcement of potato salad is done with a rightfuly, descending, doom line. But then disaster strikes- “Oh, no. There’s ants!” And it changes into an ominous, martial metal beat. Any song that makes me think of the song “Attack Of The Giants Ants,” off of the very first Blondie album (A marimba inspired take on sixties monster movies) is more than okay with me.

“Butt Sick,” is about a condition in which feces are discharged from the bowels in a frantic and rather, distasteful way. “Some folks are funny ’bout their behinds, getting shy at bathroom time. We all go number 2!” After a three chord intro the music just spurts out like a supercharged enema doing double duty. “When nature calls show the butt who’s the boss.” This song sounds like Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spec) fronting The Sex Pistols. And after the reminder of- “They wash their hands at the end.” A neat, melodic riff of the “la,la,la” sort comes flushing through. No need of washing my hands of saying this is a fun, wild, sick punk song.

“Met a sock in a dream of being more, ditch the feet grab some buttons glue some yarn.” So starts “Sock City,” a rockin’ little number guaranteed to get your toes a tappin’. This song sounds like Kiss singing a song about sock puppets. “Some folks are waiting in your shoes, from the feet to your hands, socks take the stage.” This song reminds me of The Sex Pistols jamming with Kiss and Miley Cyrus singing.

“Henry The Spider,” starts out with a few descending power chords roaring along with a powerful drum beat signifying, some early awesome punk rock like the Uk Subs is about to emerge. The music is driving only to break off into a slower, funkier part- all about the defense of a spider who lives in the bathroom. “Leave a note for bathroom guests, better not touch him, better not kill him. Henry eats the house flies.” Another exciting, energetic perfect punk tune.

So I feel this is a worthy endeavor. I think kids should have an option to the pop fluff and children song nonsense- or more so, parents should be able to play stuff as innocent as this to their eight year olds instead of “Too Drunk To Fuck,” by The Dead Kennedys.

Right now, Andy and I are working on a project called “Punk For Seniors.” It’s punk classics we play doom metal style…and we forget the lyrics, a lot…then we shoo the neighborhood kids off our lawn.

But really The Sewer Buddies are playing punk the way it was meant to be played- sure, there were a lot of adult themes in Ramones songs but take that away and you have a lot of youthful exuberance and energy along with some pop innocent vibes and maybe, some childish disregard of adult responsiblities.

Punk is real and punk is true and it’s for all ages, all genders, all races, all sexual and gender orientations.

It’s for kids and old fucks like me, too.

And if you fall into any of the myriad of descriptions of people-

Then punk is also meant for you.

Here’s the link for all three release:


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