Thursday February 22nd 2018

Time Out Timmy – “Raw Dog”


Time Out Timmy – “Raw Dog”


You need a time out!

That’s what an exasperated parent, at the end of his or her wits, says when they’re ready to set their hair on fire and push the stroller, gleefully, headlong onto oncoming traffic.

That is the time to relax, drink some chamomile tea or maybe, just mainline vicodin…but it’s definitely time to gather your witless wits about you.

Time out should be extended to adults. You should be able to say to your boss-

You need a Time Out!- to world leaders, too. We wouldn’t have to go far to use that.

Coaches, in sports, call a time out to regain composure, to “think this one out.”

I took a time-out ten years ago. I went to the sidelines but never went back into the game. I figured, I’d rather stay there and watch, safe from the real world- observing.

And I’m never going back “in.”

Now, Timmy was Lassie’s, the dog, young companion, on an old, popular television program. But I’d rather not go there because it’s rumored, they had more than a working relationship and underage bestiality may become the passing rage but I’m rather conservative, in actions, if not in heart-

And maybe, I can blather, indefinitely, and we never get a word in on this great band Time Out Timmy.

But that would be a shame ’cause this is a kick ass band that uses all the secret ingredients of early punk and early hardcore- you know, intensity, expression, guts and passion and mixes it all together (the end results is not unlike the special sauce from a Big Mac), until you have an original take on punk that draws inspiration from the first and finest- but then proceeds to drive a bolt of pure energy, emotion and sound into the center of your skull, entering through your eardrums. And proceeds to leave you in a quivering mass of flesh and skin screaming for more, more, more- Oh, God- don’t stop…

Let’s check it out:

“We’re Time Out Timmy, Let’s all shimmy.” Starting with a martial beat that recalls “California Uber Alles,” this song, after a languid lick that recalls “Wade In The Water,” to me-which is an old song you’re not familiar with- explodes into a blistering, hardcore firestorm of emotion and movement. With the male and female vocals exhorting all to “Get Into The Pit.” “Playing to an empty crowd, playing in an empty state, there’s no money.” Though fast and furious, the feel is more early punk than later hardcore. This song makes me think of the great, punk band Fear and with the line, “Get into the pit before I shit,” GG Allin! (They are from New Hampshire, after all) I might not get into the pit because all my bones would be broken but I do declare this to be one one awesome, pure punk song.

“Fuck You (Today),” starts out with four slashing, bashing chords that reminds me of Richard Hell & The Voidoids great “Love Comes In Spurts” and then proceeds to lay down the lyrics, “I don’t care what you say. I’m gonna fuck you today.” But with it’s buoyant beat and melodic chorus it implies instead of an upcoming rape, this is more likely a consensual, commitment of love and lust. The ending trade off of vocals in the band, telling each other “Fuck You” is more than worth the price of admission in this truly, great wild and fun song.

With a surf-y bass and drum intro answered by a great, staccato, pointillistic guitar line. (Much like a painting by Georges Seurat), “Homeboys (Are Gonna Fuck You Up,” (which is almost the total lyrics), comes slurring in with such aggression and passion and the four chords of “Not Your Stepping Stone,” I believe.  But that’s okay because this is an almost prosaic, pulverizing, pounding, punk picture of profoundly, punk perfection.

Though I hoped, “What’s Goin’ On,” would be a cover of the classic Marvin Gaye Song, as -what a glorious mess that might be. Instead this song starts with some buzzing, fuzzing guitar chords with an almost riot grrl feel anchored by a rock solid beat. This song actually has a great melodic chorus and nice, soaring harmonies. Some of the lyrics go, “I’m running away…set me free.” But I would run headlong, straight into this tremendous song- the least punk song on this recording but one of the best.

“Real World” starts out with a treb-ly, surf-like, tightrope walking guitar lick that leads into an energetic hardcore/punk race. “I cannot stand why you live your life the way you do… ’cause I know there’s a place in you, where the beam of light, it shines on through.” This may be the most sad, most reflective song on this really, lively fun EP. This is probably my favorite- why? Because it shines on through and if you ask what shines on through? Well, that’s the goodness and heart and love that is almost obscured by life, at times, but still when it appears, it rings so true. “Like a junkie trying to find a vein to get another hit.” Well, that’s when life takes a wrong turn but when it turns towards the light. That’s when it encompasses everything you’ve believed in, everything you have loved, everything that is beautiful, everything that is really you and everlasting in your soul. Some of the best souls go down the drain, that’s true, but this song is much more real than the real world. And so much better for it.

This album is called “Raw Dog” and on the cover, it’s slathered with ketchup, mustard and onions. But the music and lyrics do not need any added condiments of sound or words- as the music is so pure and raw and perfect without it.

This is one of the best new bands I’ve heard this year, with one of the best songs I’ve heard, too. (Real World)

This band has songs with so much passion and energy that it nearly forces even me into the pit. With enough fun and wildness to recall all the great, early bands and why they mattered so much to us, and that was because they drove a stake of joyful madness, ecstatic energy and pure truth- straight into our hearts.

At least that’s what they did to me.

Turning me into a vampire with violent, violet dreams.

And here’s one of them that came true.


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